Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!

So I wish I could freeze time and never let my baby boy grow up. Sad to say I cant and he turned 2 on Friday. Time has flown by so much and i am in aww how big Dayton has gotten. He is very independent, funny, cute, talkative, outgoing, VERY loving...... this list can go on and on. He loves to copy his Daddy, dance around the house, read book and play with his puzzles. Its hard to believe Dayton is 2 and I cant imagine my live with out him.

So this year we had a NASCAR Themed party and it was so much fun to celebrate 2 years with our friends and family. With some Smoked Ribs, Homeade Mac N Cheese, Baked Beans and a cute Racetrack Cake

* So out of all the family pictures we took Dayton didnt look in any of them.

* Racetrack Cake thanks Alison for decorating it!!!

* The Checkard Flag Cupcakes

* One of many pictues of Dayton opening his gifts (Thanks everyone)

* His Birthday
Opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy

* His favorite gift GOLF CLUBS lol i guess he is taking after his Daddy!!!!


Wilson Family said...

Aww, he is such a cute little guy! Happy Birthday Dayton! I love the cake and cupcakes... very cute. And I have to agree with you about freezing time.. It would be nice sometimes. Time just flies so fast!

Noel said...

No way!! He cannot be 2! AMYEE where does time go?? He is soo very cute, I wish I could squeeze him.

Nonna Beach said...

What a handsome little guy Dayton is...can't believe he's 2 have a beautiful family !!!